Meet Navys Inc, Tivoli Audio's Powerhouse Japanese Distributor

Meet Navys Inc, Tivoli Audio's Powerhouse Japanese Distributor

Shopping in Japan is an unparalleled, unique experience. Aside from their impeccable customer service, they are renowned for their high quality, well-curated products. The Japanese standard is high, making it not an easy feat for a brand to enter the Japanese market, let alone navigate it successfully. That’s why Tivoli Audio partnered with powerhouse distributor Navys Inc whose knowledge and influence has made Japan one of Tivoli Audio's leading markets.

We spoke with Navys Inc CEO, Mr. Noboru Takasaki, to get a glimpse of the thought process and insider knowledge that goes into establishing a brand in Japan.

Can you give us a little background on the history of your company? 

Navys Inc was established in January of 2013, and started as the official distributor for Swedish audio brand “Zound Industries AB”. From there, we continued to take on four more audio brands. In 2016, Navys began working with Tivoli Audio, and since then, it has become one of Navys major audio brands.

Can you describe what your company specializes in?

We specialize in home electronics as well as fashion, interior and lifestyle products. Currently, it’s a 50:50 ratio in sales between the two genres of products.


What are the unique characteristics you look for when choosing products to work with?

We look for quality, design, and ease of operation in a product. We’re also interested in the back story of the brands we choose to work with.

What are important features to Japanese clientele when purchasing audio products?

Japanese consumers value well made products, exceptional sound quality, as well as ease of use. They also look for a reputable brand name associated to the product.

What are the traits of Tivoli Audio products that work well in the Japanese market? Which product is a Japanese favorite, and why?

Classic models such as the Model One BT and Music System BT, preferably in Walnut, work well in the Japanese market. Japanese consumers love the analog sound, the minimalistic design, ease of use, and the wooden feel. Consumers regard them as the most iconic Tivoli Audio products.

Do you have any upcoming projects / collaborations? Are there any new dealers that you are working with?

We have a good number of projects and collaborations that we are currently working on. As for the B2B space, we have several projects we are working on with 4 star and 5 star hotels. We also have an upcoming pop-up shop in the heart of Tokyo, and we are working on a collaboration with a ‘Made in Japan’ brand.

On the retail side, we’ve opened new accounts with the following shops:

Living Motif (Lifestyle select shop) -

Via Bus Stop (Fushin select shop) -

Ace hotel Japan featuring the classic Model One BT.

What do you look for in who you position products with? For example, the Conran Shop Japan, Ace Hotel Japan?

We look for establishments that have loyal customers who value and trust in their design or product offerings. Thus, their customers have a discerning eye, yet are open-minded to new products that the shop could offer.

To check out the Tivoli Audio models that are thriving in the Japanese market, click links below:


Model One BT Music System BT


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