Shacksbury Holiday Takeover

Shacksbury Holiday Takeover
There's nothing quite like a classic and traditional holiday season in New England. So we reached out to our friends and fellow New Englanders at Shacksbury to ask if they could take a break from creating their winter exclusive Champlain cider, and try their hand at mixing the perfect holiday playlist to help celebrate the season (or the end of 2020, however you'd like to look at it).

With Shacksbury Partner, Luke Schmuecker taking the reins to our Spotify account, we're going to throw on our comfy slippers and grab a Shacksbury classic Dry Cider, and we suggest you do the same while listening to his holiday mix. Read on to learn more about how Luke applied his two part creative process to cider as the inspiration for his two-part Spotify playlist...

Shacksbury is a cidery based in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. We produce naturally low sugar, health conscious beverages that never stray from the natural beauty that our home state is known for. And whether it's traditional foraged apple cider made by a friend who ferments it themselves, or a natural wine, a lot of the ciders we create start with our nostalgic love of the classics.

Being a nostalgic person, I go back and forth between listening to music on vinyl and streaming on Spotify. That being said, part one starts off with timeless songs that we all know and love. They lead up to the holidays, move on to the actual holiday itself, then end with songs for when the lights are out and the fire is low:

The next step of our creative process is to take that nostalgic concept and evolve it into something inspired by, but different and uniquely Shacksbury. So in part two, New Holiday Classics are primarily modern takes on classic holiday songs which come in hot out of the gate while mellowing out at the end.

Each playlist has their time and place. It's like owning a mirrorless Nikon and a film camera, or listening to a public radio jazz station while being able to switch to Bluetooth streaming with the Model One BT. Why choose when you can have both? This also carries over into our ciders. Champlain is built to be popped open and poured out of a coupe, while Shacksbury Dry is great as a cocktail topper.

If you're looking for something crisp and bright with structured tannins to help celebrate the season, don't forget to pick up Shacksbury's Champlain Cider. Made from Vermont wild foraged apples.


Model One BT
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