Local Stage Preview: Van Buren Records

Local Stage Preview: Van Buren Records

Van Buren Records is a rap collective that formed through friendships in Brockton, Massachusetts. Composed of rappers, producers, designers and more, this community can be experienced on the Tivoli Audio local stage this upcoming weekend or check out their video for “Medic” and read the interview below.


What exactly is Van Buren Records?

A collective of friends from BROCKTON who grew a bond through fashion Music and art.


How did Van Buren Records come together?

Childhood friendships & growing bonds built over time


Who are all the members of Van Buren Records and their different roles?

Meech (Artist), Jiles (Artist), Felix! (Artist), Ricky (Producers/Artist), Luke Bar$ (Artist), Saint Lyor (Artist), Moses Besong (Designer), Invada (Artist), R Louie (Producer), KIRON (Producer), Andrew Regis (Artist/Producer), Shelby Narcisse (Designer), E! (Manager)


How would you describe your sound?

Forward (Ahead, advanced)


What are the different influences for the group?

Our environment, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, Kobe Bryant


What are Van Buren Record’s favorite local venues to perform at?

Great Scott, Roadrunner, SoundLab, Sonia


What does it mean to be one of the groups selected to represent the region at Boston Calling?

It means the world.


What acts are you most looking forward to seeing at Boston Calling?

Paris Jackson, EarthGang, Metallica, & Run The Jewels

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