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Where can I find the Tivoli Audio ART app?

The Tivoli Audio Wireless app can be found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

How do I set up my speaker on Wi-Fi?

How do I connect to Bluetooth via Wi-Fi?

How do I play local content?

How do I connect my ART devices?

How do I remove or add a speaker?

How do I change my device's name?

How do I stream music from Spotify?

How do I update the firmware for my devices?

I’m setting up my speaker(s) with the app, but the connection isn’t finalizing.

Inside your phone’s settings app, go to your list of installed applications (for iOS users, scroll down to the bottom; for Android users, find the apps button) and locate the Tivoli Audio ART app. In this menu, please confirm you have your location settings set to “always” for best connection results.

How do you perform an update on your speakers?

If you have not installed the Tivoli Audio ART app on your iOS or Android device, please do so now and connect your speaker(s) to your Wi-Fi network. (Refer to the Tivoli Audio ART app or manual if you are unsure of this process).

*Do not turn off your unit during the update process.
  • Open the Tivoli Audio Wireless app
  • Select Configure
  • Select the speaker you wish to update
  • Select Check Version
  • Select Upgrade
  • Repeat for each unit
The app will download the software update and install it for you. This will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

How do I connect multiple ART speakers together wirelessly?

Once all desired ART speakers have been properly set up on your Wi-Fi network, the speakers will be available for you to connect together. These selected systems will be part of a zone, which can play music simultaneously.

Generation 1 products can be grouped together for playback in the Tivoli Audio ART app. Generation 2 products can be grouped together using Google Home app or AirPlay 2.

*Please note Generation 1 and Generation 2 products cannot be grouped together.

Refer to your Quick Setup Guide and Online Manual for more information.

I don’t see Apple Music or Google Play listed in the Tivoli Audio ART app.

To play Apple Music or Google Play on Generation 1 ART products, set your speaker to Bluetooth Mode. Pair your media device via Bluetooth to your desired speaker. If you want to hear the music on more than one speaker, use the Bluetooth over Wi-Fi feature within the Tivoli Audio ART app.

I’m playing Spotify, but the audio is coming through my phone.

Open the Spotify app. While playing a song, at the bottom of the app, click where it says “Available Devices”. Select the name of the master speaker of your Zone and the audio output will switch to the Tivoli Audio system. Refer to the Spotify Connect guide that accompanies your speaker for more information, as well as your Quick Setup Guide and Online Manual.

I’m playing Spotify, but I cannot see where it says “Available Devices” at the bottom of the app.

Make sure you are using a Spotify Premium account. For more information, refer to the Spotify Connect guide that accompanies your speaker or visit If you are using a Spotify Premium account, make sure the speaker is connected to your Wireless Network, and restart your Spotify App.

I can’t find my Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) listed in the Tivoli Audio ART app.

Make sure your Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router is powered on and connected to the internet. Verify that your Wi-Fi band is set to the standard 2.4GHz. The ART Generation 1 products do not support 5GHz. If these steps do not resolve your issues, close the ART app and then re-open it to restart the connecting process. You should now be able to see the Wireless Network.

I have set up the speaker(s), but I can’t find them listed in the Tivoli Audio ART app.

Make sure the LED in the back of the speaker is a solid green color. If not, power it off by holding down the power button on the back of the unit until the LED turns red, then press the power button again to turn the speaker on. Restart the ART app, and once the LED on speaker is solid green again, look for the speaker again in the “Devices” window.

The music sounds unbalanced through my speakers.

To check balance, open the Tivoli Audio ART app, select Zone, and then select Speakers. Select the speaker(s) you are using. If you are using only one speaker, verify that the speaker is set to Stereo. If you are using two speakers, confirm the volume levels are the same and that they are both set to Stereo or Left/Right if you are listening to them as a stereo pair. If you are using more than two speakers, make sure all Left and Right speakers are set up in pairs (for example, do not have 2 Lefts and 1 Right).

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