"Before and After" Modern A Frame Cabin Makeover

"Before and After" Modern A Frame Cabin Makeover

Airbnb superhosts Jody and Matt own Black A Frame House (@BlackaframeVT on Instagram), a stunning A-frame in Wardsboro, Vermont. Situated on seven acres of land, and just over seven miles from Mount Snow, it is the perfect escape for those looking to hike, snowboard, leaf peep, or just enjoy the cozy solitude of the woods. 

Since buying the cabin three years ago, they've been hit by a wave of creative inspiration that has seen them carry out a handful of renovations on the space. We sat down with them to learn more about their journey, and to get their home renovation tips for other DIYers.


Photo Credit: @BlackAframeVT


How did you find the @BlackAframeVT?

We started looking for a cabin in 2017. The day we found the house, we had just got gone snowboarding on Mount Snow, and this was the first of many houses we were supposed to see that day. We fell in love with it pretty immediately. The property is surrounded by woods so it gives you the feeling of being secluded, its very peaceful and quiet. There’s a nice creek nearby that you can walk to. And it felt like it only took us five minutes to get there from the resort which was a huge plus. 


photo credit: @meirrPhoto Credit: @meirr on Instagram


The cabin itself was cute, cozy, a typical Vermont-style cabin. We saw how beautiful it was already and the potential of what it could be. It was for sale by owner and we could not believe it was still on the market.


Those that follow you on Instagram know that you’ve transformed this cabin into the beauty that it is today. Tell us how you got started with the property renovation. 


I didn’t think we’d gang buster on decorating, but I did want to renovate the kitchen to open up the space. But, as always, then it became a bigger project because once you start, you start seeing all the other things you can do with the space.


Photo credit: @lizah (instagram)Photo Credit : @lizah on Instagram 


We started off with renovating the kitchen, we then added a deck with the hot tub (which was a requirement, in our opinion). We upgraded the bathroom and then last November, we decided to take out the bedroom that was above the living room and to open up the space so we could see the apex of roofline and make it feel more spacious. I didn’t expect the project to take so long, but it ended up taking a full month and a half to finish. We finished the day our first guests arrived. When they got here I was still helping our contractor bring his tools to his car!


Which was your favorite project? One of my favorite renovations would have to be the reading nook in the master bedroom. It is so cozy, and adds a unique feature to the room. We also built a balcony with sliding door so you can feel more connected to the woods.


Photo Credit: @BlackAframeVT


My husband and I also loved opening up the loft space in the living room. It created an entirely different layout and really transformed the house. 


photo credit : @mattpetricone (instagram)Photo Credit : @dirtandglass on Instagram


Any tips for anyone thinking about doing renovation?

We found a great general contractor who is an excellent craftsman, but he’s also a one man show so the work took longer than I had expected. I would say be open minded, schedule more time than you think to get the work done, and if you're renting out the property give yourself some time to enjoy it yourself before your guests arrive!


Photo Credit : @dirtandglass on Instagram


What is your interior decoration style?

We don’t really have one style! We organically find decor that fits into the space. That said, there is a good amount of mid century modern furniture and aesthetic. 


photo credit : @BlackAFrameVT


What is your Tivoli Audio product of choice and why?

We picked the Revive because it was perfect for our small master bedroom, and it also went with our mid century modern decorating style. 




Photo Credit @dirtandglass on Instagram 


What music could we expect to be playing at the @BlackAFrameVT?

We have an eclectic taste in music! We have a mix of records from different generations at the cabin. Some of our favorites are the oldies like Nina Simone, and folk music like Jolene by Dolly Parton.


Photo credit : @dirtandglass (instagram)Photo Credit: @drirtandglass on Instagram  


Do you have any upcoming projects?

I don’t think there’s anything else to renovate indoors, but because we have big piece of land, we are toying with the idea of building a modern treehouse, or a small A-frame at the very other end of the property. Once you start renovating it’s hard to stop!


What is your favorite season to visit the cabin?

Our favorite season must be winter. With the snow coming down as you sit by the fire, taking a dip in the hot tub after snowboarding. It can't be beat. However, it’s also great in the summer and fall, too. Fall is our busiest season as people come to leaf peep. Every season has a different feeling.  


photo credit : @mattpetricone  Photo credit : @mattpetricone on Instagram


If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Wardsboro, Vermont, book a stay at the beautiful Black A-frame VT. Check their Airbnb listing for availability. And for more cabin and renovation inspiration, head over to @BlackAframeVT on Instagram. 


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