Nightstand - Ace Hotels

Nightstand - Ace Hotels

Featured Partner: Ace Hotels

Unconventional and forward-thinking, Ace Hotels opened its first location in Seattle Washington in 1999. Since then, they have developed eight properties in cities throughout the United States and England. Two additional locations are slated to open in other countries this year.

For the past two decades, Ace Hotel has been credited with setting the bar for the boutique hotel experience. No two Ace Hotel experiences are the same and they are praised for being unconventional. They connect with the soul of each new location, creating a democratic gathering point for the community instead of reproducing a generic experience. The uniqueness of these locations is reflected in the linens on the bed to the items in the minibar. Each property blends old and established aesthetics with future trends for the city it inhabits.

When approached by Ace Hotels we were aware of their unique decor and the incorporation of music. Regardless of what city you stay in, there are two things you can count on. Each room has a record player and every front desk has a curated vinyl collection for guest use. Like Tivoli Audio, Ace Hotels exhibit a love for the blending of timeless and modern designs. Throughout their properties, you can find a mix of the Model One BT, the Music System Three, and the new Model One Digital. Each new project allows for the selection of just the right product to fit the experience.

Ace Hotel continues to combine experiences that are both affordable and luxurious in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Palm Springs, London, Los Angeles, Pittsburg, New Orleans, and Portland. And soon they’ll also be spotted in Kyoto and Toronto.

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