A Guide to Creating a Picture-Perfect Galentine's Day!

A Guide to Creating a Picture-Perfect Galentine's Day!

Nothing beats a night in with your favorite people. What better way to celebrate the season of love than with your girlfriends who have loved you through it all? Here’s how to host an amazing Galentine’s Day for your favorite group of gals: 


Step one – make a cute table spread. 


The structure of a good table stays the same. You need some sweets, some décor, and some entertainment. To replicate our table spread, you’ll need: 


- A cute portable speaker (we love the pink PAL BT for this) 

- Multicolored pillar candles 

- Different height candle holders 

- Cake stand 

- Tablecloth 

- Roses 

- Red ribbon 

- White plates 

- Pink macaroons 

- White paper square tags 

- A marker 

- Fun props/accessories (i.e. disco balls) 

- A festive Valentine's-themed cake 

- A go-to mocktail recipe (see our Valentine's mocktail recipes here)



A highlight of our table spread is the personalized place cards. Grab your roses, ribbon, white tags, and a marker, and here’s how to make them: 


Step one: Fluff your roses and remove the thorns and leaves. 


To elevate the roses, I recommend pulling apart some of the outward petals. You don’t want to pull too hard to avoid losing petals, but the key is to lightly take each petal and pull it away from the center. Work around the rose until you are satisfied with the look. 



Step Two: Write out the names of your guests on the white tags. 


Use a marker or pen with a color that complements the theme, such as red or pink. 



Step Three: String the white tags through the red ribbon, and tie the ribbon around the rose stem. 



Now it’s time to dress the table. Add your tablecloth and plates. Place each rose onto a plate and spread the accessories around the table. 




No girl’s night is complete without music. Add your PAL BT portable speaker to the center of the table and connect your phone to have your top songs at your fingertips. You’re all set to celebrate with your girlfriends! 



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