Charging your Andiamo:

Please use the provided power supply only. Fully charging the unit can take several hours.

I am attempting to turn up the volume on my device and it is maxed. How can I make the audio louder as it seems low?

The audio’s volume through Bluetooth is controlled by the device output as well as the speaker’s volume output. We recommend placing your Bluetooth device at 80% output and adjusting the volume of the speaker using the buttons on the side of the unit to reach your preferred overall volume.

LED light meanings

  1. When in use:
    • Quickly Flashing Blue: In Bluetooth mode, ready to pair
    • Slowly Flashing Blue: In Bluetooth mode, paired, waiting for a connection
    • Solid Blue: In Bluetooth mode, connected
    • Purple: Line In / Auxiliary Mode
    • Red: Low Battery
    • Green: Fully Charged
    • Yellow: Standby
  2. When charging:
    • Red Flashing: Charging
    • Green: Fully Charged

How to Pair your Andiamo with your smart device

  1. Turn Andiamo on
  2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button until the LED flashes blue
  3. On your Bluetooth-enabled device’s settings, select Tivoli Go Andiamo
  4. Your device will confirm pairing was successful after a few seconds

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