Meet Vanmokum, Tivoli Audio's New European Distributor

Meet Vanmokum, Tivoli Audio's New European Distributor
Vanmokum is a team of product addicts and design lovers. From their studio in Amsterdam, they design, develop, distribute, and admire beautiful and unique products from all over the world. So, it was an easy and obvious choice to partner with them to help bring our high-quality and meticulously designed speakers and radios to new European markets.


We spoke with Vanmokum Director of Operations, Wouter Smit, to find out more about what's happening behind the scenes and how Tivoli Audio will fit in with the market in western Europe.

Can you give us a little background on the history of your company?

Vanmokum was founded in 2010 with a zeal for beautiful products. Since 2010, we design, curate, and distribute exceptional lighting and electronics. 

We are aiming to make independent brands accessible for (online) retail and concept stores, contract, and end users.

What are the unique characteristics you look for when choosing companies or products to work with, and what were some of the factors in your decision to partner with Tivoli Audio?

Tivoli Audio fits our markets, aesthetic, and ambition: design lighting and electronics, timeless designs, and the future development and where Tivoli Audio is headed.


Our new partnership will entail focusing Tivoli Audio's business in Benelux. What features do you think are important to clientele in these markets when purchasing audio products?

Given that we have a few years of experience with Tivoli Audio, we have learned what clients find important when purchasing, which basically is to find both form and function in good design.

Model One BT Revive

Which Tivoli Audio products work well in your markets?
We know all too well that everybody loves the classic Tivoli Audio designs, but we are looking forward to introducing the Model One Digital the most. And, equally important, make a splash in the contract market with the Revive.


What do you look for in who you position products with?

Something we would consider is the quality of the store, (competing) brands, location, overall level of the store and client base.

Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations you are working on? Are there any new dealers that you are working with?

- Expand client base by i.a. adding 7 marketplaces and Coolblue
- Win back customers we had in the past
- Maintain and grow existing client base turnover.

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