Local Stage Preview: Born Without Bones

Local Stage Preview: Born Without Bones

Next up on our Boston Calling local stage preview is Born Without Bones. This Massachusetts-based rock band is made up of Scott Ayotte on guitar and vocals, Jonathan Brucato on guitar and vocals, Jim Creighton on bass and vocals, and Sam Checkoway on drums. Watch this exclusive stripped-down version of "Muscle" and keep scrolling for an interview with Scott to learn more about the band before they take the stage Friday, May 27th. 



How did the band come together?

I started the band as a solo project in 2010 and made an album called Say Hello. Shortly after the album came out Jim Creighton, who had been playing in the band Therefore I Am called me and said he his band was breaking up and that he was interested in playing Bass for Born Without Bones. We went through a few guitar players and eventually my friend from high school John Brucato offered to fill in for awhile. I don’t know that we ever said “John, you’re in the band” but he stuck around and it’s been us three with a rotating cast of drummers ever since. For the past few years we’ve been playing with Sam Checkoway behind the kit. 


How would you describe your sound?

I’ve always thought of us as a rock band. Our live show is loud and energetic but it has its peaks and valleys. We have songs that are 90s alt rock worship but also songs reminiscent of 70’s heartland singer-songwriters. Between the three of us we have a pretty wide range in taste and that’s represented through our original music.


What artists would you say are your influences?

I grew up on bands like Aerosmith, The Beatles and Def Leppard. The other guys are really into Rage Against The Machine. We all love Green Day, Third Eye Blind, Oasis, a bunch of 90’s alt rock bands. Lately Jim has been vibing on some of the new Dijon record, John has been really into Jason Isbell. I’m going through a Beastie Boys phase. We’re always finding new stuff to listen to and inspire us. 


What’s your favorite local spot/venue to perform in?

We definitely miss Great Scott. It was such a great intimate venue with kick ass sound and it felt like a real rock music venue. Once Ballroom and their residency at Boynton Yards have both hosted some of our favorite local shows we’ve ever played as well. 


What does it mean for you to be one of the artists selected to represent the region at Boston Calling?

Boston has a super dense and rich music scene. It’s a super competitive market and for those reasons it’s a hard nut for artists to crack. To go from being a band sending emails trying to get an opening slot for some national acts to being asked to play Boston Calling is incredibly validating and exciting for us. We came from playing DIY spots like The Democracy Center in Cambridge and stepping up to Harvard Stadium is a real honor. 


What acts are you most looking forward to seeing at Boston Calling?

I’m very stoked to see Haim, Backseat Lovers and of course Nine Inch Nails. I grew up on my mom blasting Avril Lavigne in the mini van so her set will be special to see. I saw Cheap Trick open for Aerosmith when I was growing up so I’m looking forward to screaming the lyrics to “Surrender” at some point during the day.


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