The Tivoli Audio 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide
The holidays are no doubt different this year. Whether you’re exchanging gifts at a small family celebration, or opening them virtually, we know one thing hasn’t changed: the joy that you get from giving the perfect gift. 

We thought 2020 was tough enough, so we decided to make your search for the perfect present a little bit easier with our Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve gathered a wide range of unique gift ideas curated and inspired by some of our partner stores from around the world. 

In this list, we’ve included a mix of established brands along with brick-and-mortar neighborhood stores, items at diverse price points, and locally-made products. 

So turn up your holiday music, put some extra marshmallows in your hot cocoa, and get inspired. We hope that our gift guide can help you spread some holiday joy to you and your loved ones. 

Curated by : Modern love NJ

Gifts for the eclectic taste:

1. Modern Love Made Treehouse

2. Monograph Retro Alarm clock

3. 8oz Scarpa Candle

4. Walnut Air Plant Holder with Plant 

5. Tivoli Audio Model One BT Radio 

6. Recycled Watch Cap

7. Woven Lumbar Pillow

8. Ziggi Lamp 



Curated by : Contain Boutique New Zealand

Gifts for her : 

1. Tivoli Model One Bluetooth

2. Menu Brass Bottle Grinders

3. Marle Nonna Hat

4. Frank Weekly Planner

5. C&M Finley Towel

6Reliquia Star Sign Pendant

7. Saben Warrior Carry-all

8. Ashley & Co Twice As Merry Dual Lip Kit



Curated by: Nijhof Netherlands 

Gifts for the nordic deco lover :

1. Ferm Living Shay Quilt Pillow

3. Zone Denmark Nova One soap dispenser

4. Silkeborg Tunø Throw 

5. Broste Copenhagen Bend

6. Hay DLM XL

7. Umage A Conversation Piece

8. 101 Copenhagen Cobra vase



Curated by: Canoe OR

Gifts for the design lover:

1. Hack Lederware Cotton/Linen Totes and Pouches

2. Jim Golden Camera Collection Puzzle

3. Bird Silo

4. Sill planter

5. Holiday Candle Carousel 

6. Aalto Vases

7. Tivoli Model One Bluetooth Radio

8. Mozart Kugel Music Maker



Curated by : Ikarus Germany

Gifts for the Mid-Century Modern Lover: 

1. Eames Plastic Side Chair

2. Musa Wandregal

3. PH 5 Contemporary Pendelleuchte

4. Tivoli Model One Bluetooth

5. Knot Skulptur

6. Kaleido Tablett

7. Tivoli Balloon Vase

8. Eames House Bird Vogelfigur


Model One BT Music System Home Model One Digital Gen 2
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