Contain Boutique and How Tivoli Audio Ended up in New Zealand

Contain Boutique and How Tivoli Audio Ended up in New Zealand

Among the cafes and independently owned shops on the main street of Whangamata (one of New Zealand’s most popular beach resorts), is Contain Boutique. It's a modern and funky space, bringing together the best of fashion, design, and homeware, under one roof. Tivoli Audio is just one of the many cool and unique brands from around the world that can be discovered here. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Contain Boutique's founder, Karan Gregory, to find out what sets her boutique apart from others in the area.  

Can you give us the backstory of how your boutique began?

After living in Whangamata for many years and always being a lover of fashion and fine things, I thought the town needed a boutique store of this kind. So in 2013, Contain opened its doors.


Tell us a little more about why you picked this area for your boutique?

Contain is located on the Coromandel, in a small town called Whangamata. Tourists flock to Whangamata for what has been named, the best beach in New Zealand. With a permanent population of around 4000, the town can swell to up to 100,000 people in peak times. With no other boutique of its kind in Whangamata, an opportunity was seen and Contain began.

How would you describe your boutique to someone unfamiliar with it?

I would describe it as a fashion and lifestyle store with an amazing mix of predominantly NZ and Australian designers, amongst the beautiful fashion you will find a curated mix of beautiful homeware, objects and accessories. 

What are the unique characteristics you look for when choosing products for your boutique? 

Exceptional quality and design are a must and I also look for products that are timeless and will be loved for a very long time.


Why did you choose Tivoli Audio, and how does it fit with the rest of your overall concept?

After sighting a Tivoli Audio product whilst looking for a wedding present many years ago, it was settled on that this would be a super cool gift. After hearing the incredible sound the day after the wedding, the quality just took it to the next level. Part of my store concept was to fill it with things I love, and Tivoli Audio was definitely on that list!

Describe your clientele and what's important to them when making purchasing decisions.

The majority of our clientele have been shopping with us for years. They make considered decisions and have become to trust that everything we stock is of a high standard.

What sets your boutique apart from others in the area? 

A unique brand mix is probably what sets us apart the most and is often commented on by shoppers. We always get asked if we can open a shop in Auckland, as to find all the brands we stock would require shopping every side of Auckland. Although predominantly a fashion store, all fine things from Tivoli Audio Radios to David Trubridge lights make the cut. I am constantly on the lookout for amazing products to put on our shelves.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself on the beautiful beaches of Whangamata, New Zealand, be sure to stop by Contain Boutique to discover their well curated collection. Not visiting New Zealand any time soon? You can also virtually visit them online at

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