Tivoli Selects - Goodbye 2010s

Tivoli Selects - Goodbye 2010s

Looking back at the past decade of music you can’t help but think that maybe the 2010s will be looked at as one of the most transformative time periods for music; from how we listen, what we listen to, and how music is made. Check out our Tivoli Audio employee select tunes and the bottom of this post, full of songs that defined the decade of music for us. (Please be aware that some tracks include explicit content and are not suitable for all ages.)

Here are just a few highlights we at Tivoli Audio think have impacted the last decade of music:

 The rise of the streaming services - Good-bye to owning music- instead rent it and listen to it wherever you go thanks to your smartphone’s cheaper data plan.

 At home recording – who needs a record label or studio anymore? No one. Embracing new and consistently cheaper technology, artists can now produce music in their own time and their own space.

 Soundcloud – Releasing music and exposing it to new listeners has never been easier. Soundcloud allows artists to load tracks – complete or in the works and then listeners can give feedback and praise.

 Genres – What genres? Artists now freely move from genre to genre and collaborate with artists from different musical backgrounds to create new songs that don’t fit into the predetermined boxes of the billboard charts.

 World music – Solidifying the idea that good music is good music and it transcends language, especially in the states where traditionally only English tracks make it to the top of the charts, music makes it to the top of the charts worldwide though not in a country’s native language.

 Female artists and the #MeToo movement – Female artists took control of their music, their creativity, and their image. They’ve called out gender inequality in the recording industry along with shining a light on sexual misconduct though there is still a way to go with women’s rights.

 The surprise drop – Beyoncé did it best when she released her self-titled album and accompanying videos. She now knows that fans and social media can push your album. As a result, there’s no longer a need for her to use the traditional press outlets for a prelaunch announcement. Others have attempted to reproduce this success, but Beyoncé still does it best.

 Artist comebacks – Proving you can take up to a decade off and still release something relevant and true to yourself, artists such as Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, and Missy Elliot break the stereotype that you have to stay relevant or fade.

 Loss of important artists – Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Prince, Tom Petty, Chuck Berry, David Bowie, BB King, Aretha Franklin, George Michael, and Chris Cornell to name a few. The loss of these influential artists will be felt for decades to come, but we always have their incredible discographies.

Goodbye to the 2010s and thanks for all the great tunes, but we’re excited to see what 2020 has to offer.


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