Touring Hikari House, a Mid-Century Modern Coastal Getaway in NSW, Australia

Touring Hikari House, a Mid-Century Modern Coastal Getaway in NSW, Australia

In this month’s Night Stand, we find our way to Hikari House in New South Wales, Australia. A stunning beachfront Airbnb run by super hosts Kellie and Bryan, Hikari House features an airy and elegant mid-century modern aesthetic, a magnesium plunge pool and heated spa, and an outdoor fire pit that is perfect to enjoy the company of family and friends.

We sit down with the hosts themselves to get a digital tour of this incredible property, to hear about how Tivoli Audio has fit into their design vision, and to peek at their extensive record collection — because nothing quite sets the mood on a property like this like music.


Name: Hikari House
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Website/Handle: on Instagram


Talk to us about the design inspiration and architect behind Hikari House.

We actually didn’t engage an Architect for our project! We knew what we were looking for, and my husband Bryan drew up the floor plan, the elevations, and the layouts for the gardens in one weekend. 



We grew up in the 1960s and 1970s with very minimalist styles, and that definitely guided our aesthetic here. We also knew we wanted our guests to be able to easily connect with the outdoors, the ocean sounds, the starry nights, and the native birds and wildlife out here. To leave welcomed, relaxed, and refreshed. So, those were our goals when building this.



What are some of the unique design elements and features that you’ve incorporated into the property?

It is such a beautiful environment around the property that we wanted to make the transition from outdoor to indoor seamless. Three quarters of the outside walls are made of glass to accomplish this, and we’ve added a splash of warmth by framing that with western red cedar.



In terms of other features — the magnesium pool and heated spa is a favorite. It’s tucked in the middle of the house to maximize privacy and relaxation, while still giving you the ability to interact with the internal space.  

Tell us about the location and why you decided to build here.

The house is in the coastal township of Kingscliff in Northern New South Wales, close to the Queensland Qld border. We just fell in love with the small beach town lifestyle out here, and with the people.  It's a place where you can bike, surf and we also have a beautiful creek just 5 mins drive for canoeing too! It’s a wonderful, relaxed vibe!



What is your favorite part of the home?

To be honest we love it all! I think our favourite part would be the backyard. We’re in the garden all the time, especially with the fire-pit we built down the back, and the hammock hung under the palm tree. It’s a great space to entertain, so we have a large paved area out there for that as well.



Inside the house, we really tried to keep the living areas open and airy, so you can feel connected to the outside. You can catch some amazing sunrises from our bedroom!


photo credit: ganiphotography


You guys have incorporated Tivoli Audio products seamlessly into this property. What products have you brought into the home, and what drew you to Tivoli? 

We bought our first Tivoli Model One five years ago, purely for the design and sound — the warm tones of the timber sound amazing! We have that one on our bedroom dresser. We’ve also added a Revive 3in1 speaker, which sits next to our record player. It’s so convenient, with dimmable lighting, a phone charger and a speaker all in one unit.





Speaking of your record player, we saw you have quite the record collection! What are some of your favorite vinyls?

Oh, we love so many different types of music! Some of our favorites, starting with the Aussie bands, include:

Men at work
Crowed House
Fleetwood Mac
Pink Floyd - dark side of the moon is a classic!
Neil Diamond - hot august night
Honestly, I could keep going there are just too many!



To feel like you’re on a beachside getaway any day of the year, follow on Instagram. 

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