Nightstand - Getaway Cabins

Nightstand - Getaway Cabins

Featured Partner: Getaway

Have you ever wanted to unplug, live a little simpler, and just escape the constant onslaught of our ever-connected society? That’s the idea behind Getaway. With tiny cabins set in idyllic natural settings across the United States, Getaway cabins “provide a break from the city, technology, and work so you can recharge and reconnect to who and what matters most.”


Each hand-crafted wood cabin is surrounded by nature and has large panoramic windows to gaze out at nature as you relax. With different sleeping arrangements that can fit up to four, the cabins are packed with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Once inside the guest is invited to use the provided cellphone lockbox to truly escape.

Tucked away in each Getaway is our Model One so guests can listen to the radio and play your favorite album or podcast as you relax. They don’t offer wi-fi and promise they never will, so when designing their tiny cabins, our analog radio was the perfect fit to match the simple wooden construction. The Model One’s ability to pull in weak stations means that even though you are in a remote location, you will still get the necessary radio reception, but also available, the Auxiliary input allows guests to listen to any other source.

The unique settings and concepts behind Getaway resonate perfectly with the simplistic nature of our Model One. Currently offering escapes from Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Los Angles, New York, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Portland, and Washington DC metropolitan areas for those that want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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