Modern Love, The Trendy Brick-and-Mortar Store With Eye-Catching Home Goods

Modern Love, The Trendy Brick-and-Mortar Store With Eye-Catching Home Goods

Eleven years ago, in the quaint little river town of Frenchtown New Jersey, Tivoli Audio partner and store owner, Megan Metz decided to open her shop.  

Megan's initial inspiration behind opening her shop was to create a place that she would like to shop in, with eye-catching product offerings from local and international creators. A little over a decade later, she's achieved that goal and has carved out a name as one of Frenchtown's trendy shopping spots. 



We spoke to Meagan about her shop, its history, concept, and the secret behind its success.


Name of store: Modern Love

Established: 2010

Location: Frenchtown, New Jersey 


What sets your store apart from others in the area?


My customers appreciate the shop because I only sell products that I love and stand behind. As well as items that I would want in my own home or to give as gifts. It's a pretty simple business model and it has worked for over 11 years.



You have so many beautiful items in your shop, how do you choose your product offerings?


When it comes to products, I seek beautiful, unique and utilitarian objects for each room in your home, from the beautiful Yamazaki dish drainer, to the Stirsby all-purpose kitchen tool. I research each product I carry and travel for inspiration. The end result is a well curated and super-fun shopping experience! 



What are some of your unique products?


As a self-taught maker and crafter, I started the “Modern Love Made” line of products to showcase my own designs. I started working with a designer friend to create children’s toys. I wanted to create products that would be a fun crafting experience for children that could give them the satisfaction of constructing it themselves. 

The finished products were: the Modern Love Made DIY A-Frame Cabin and Treehouse. I'm happy to say both products have been very successful!



What made you decide to offer Tivoli Audio products and which products do you carry?


I started selling Tivoli Audio radios because I was using one as my speaker when I first opened the shop (it was actually one from my own home). People would comment on it all the time, until finally it dawned on me, "I should be selling these!" And the rest is history. 



I started by selling the classic Model One and since then have expanded to the Model One BT, the Model One Digital, the PAL, and the CUBE. All products are widely received and revered by my customers. 



Aside from selling them, I have always had a Model One in my own home. It's an easy sell when people are over, because they see how beautiful it looks in my home and how wonderful it sounds.

Model One BT Pal BT Model One Digital Gen 2


What music could we find playing at Modern Love?


To us, music is part of setting a mood for a customer’s shopping experience, enabling them to enjoy and absorb all the visually pleasing products.



For instance, I've been working on a gospel playlist for our Sunday mornings. Lots of old, deep, soulful gospel that just fits the day. People seem to like it too. If you search on Spotify, it's called The Church of Modern Love. Often when our music is playing through a Tivoli Audio speaker, customers will comment on how incredible it is to have all that sound coming out of one speaker. I always concur. Tivoli Audio and Modern Love are a match made in design and function heaven.



To shop or learn more about this beautifully curated shop, that mixes stylish local and international brands, head to their website at or check them out on their Instagram at @modernlovefrenchtown. If you are lucky enough to visit Frenchtown New Jersey, stop by the store and tell them we said hi. 

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