Live Music is Back and We are READY for Listen Local

Live Music is Back and We are READY for Listen Local

The Tivoli Audio community is a fabric woven by diverse people throughout the world, and the commonality between us all is our love for music. So it goes without saying that as weeks turned to months of quarantine we all felt the sting of missing our favorite bands performing live. As the world continues to advance towards normalcy, we're stoked to announce that Boston is ready to kick things off with a FREE Listen Local outdoor concert, July 13th in Cambridge, MA presented by Sound of Boston and artist management company S203, featuring a lineup of amazing local artists and musicians.


We sat down with Knar Bedian, Founder of Sound of Boston, to chat about the Boston music scene and the upcoming concert, "At Sound of Boston, our team is focused on highlighting the local music scene. Usually, that means we're out covering concerts and discovering new local artists. We wanted to find a way to expand those efforts beyond our writing and photo coverage, and find ways to help artists connect with new performance opportunities. While we don't regularly plan Listen Local live programming, we love finding new organizations, venues and companies who are excited about spotlighting local artists. This show at Starlight is just one of the many Listen Local concerts we've held around town!"

While Listen Local is surely a welcome sight (and sound) for excited concert goers, the event has much larger implications for the local acts who have been waiting to perform, as well as the community. As Bedian explains, "The pandemic was a serious threat to the local music scene, especially to our venues and music spaces. What’s at stake is more than just a space to hear live music: For every $1 spent on a ticket at small venues, a total of $12 in economic activity is generated within communities in restaurants, hotels, taxis, and retail establishments. The estimated direct annual economic impact venues bring to local communities is nearly $10 billion. So supporting local artists and the surrounding music infrastructure is also better for the health and growth of our communities."

Artwork by Madison Arrichiello

And although the pandemic has subsided in the U.S., the fact is we're not entirely out of the woods quite yet, which creates a set of challenges previously unseen. "I think everyone is still deciding their personal comfort level of what feels safe to them. It's not yet clear how comfortable fans will be attending events indoors, or whether artists want to be held responsible for the health and safety of their fans," Bedian says. "Central Square BID's Starlight space gave us the opportunity to produce a concert series with the assurance of safety measures; for example, the space is an outdoor venue and the city of Cambridge is using Eventbrite for contact-tracing."

Tivoli Audio is comprised of many musicians, and we're excited to welcome everyone back to the stage. Bedian says, "A supportive local music community can be really important in helping artists expand their fanbase beyond the borders of their city or state. We also want to do our part in promoting a diverse mix of artists—there are already plenty of barriers for marginalized voices in the industry, so finding ways to spotlight and support artists so that they can take those next steps is key. It's also just important for keeping music (in general) fresh. An artist from Boston will have a different set of experiences, perspective, and story to share with listeners."

Read on to learn more about the musicians who will be performing:

Miranda Rae

Miranda Rae is an R&B singer/songwriter born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In December 2020 the Boston Music Awards voted her R&B Artist of the year. With comparisons to Miss Jill Scott and India.Arie, she knew she had something people could connect with and has quickly become a well respected artist in the community.

Chris Walton

Chris Walton is a singer/songwriter/producer. Focusing on the subtle parts of a love story that are not often sung about, his unique approach is paralleled beautifully by the way he blends musical styles such as jazz, rock, R&B, and soul. Listeners already have a feel for these styles, but Chris’s approach is different: the seamless transitions between genres within a song will leave any listener wanting more.

Tashawn Taylor

“I’m tired of being broke and I’m tired of being broken!” With some heavily quotable rhymes and a mellow, old-school beat mixed with a new-school sensibility, rapper/songwriter Tashawn Taylor's lyrics represent the best of hip-hop’s spirit, rooted in storytelling, personal reflection and observations. His lyrics go deep into Taylor’s psyche, drenched with extreme honesty about depression and loneliness, along with his love of home and music.

If you're in the neighborhood, join us for some great live music and help support these talented musicians:

Listen Local at the new Starlight outdoor venue
FREE admission
Tuesday, July 13, 6-9 PM

Starlight Square
84 Bishop Allen Drive
Cambridge, MA
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